Summer A Hours: Mondays from 2pm to 4pm (Walk-In Only )


Students should expect 2-3 headshots against a neutral background.

*Please note: this service is for all UF students. However, please avoid signing up large groups of students at once (for example, entire class or entire student organization). Our slots are limited and fill quickly. Instead, please email and we will help connect your group with a photographer.

Pro Tips: How to Prepare for a Professional Headshot Photo:


  • Headshots will be from the waist up. There is no need for professional wear from the waist down.
  • Masculine professional wear includes a collared shirt, tie, and suit jacket.
  • Feminine professional wear includes a business blouse, dress, or collared shirt paired with a suit jacket.
  • Stick to solid, subdued colors.


  • Should be clean and neat.
  • Be cautious of eccentric styles.
  • Facial hair should be kept clean and neat.


  • Avoid large and distracting accessories, such as dangling earrings or large necklaces.